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SoDA Roundtable - Project Management Practices
SoDA Roundtable - Project Management Practices Registration open: October 10, 2014 - November 17, 2014

In this members-only session, Scott Faith, VP of Operations at Phenomblue, will be discussing the following: how to transform agency product delivery…

SoDA Roundtable - Google DoubleClick
SoDA Roundtable - Google DoubleClick Registration open: October 10, 2014 - October 29, 2014

Now, more than ever, there's a dire need for marketers and their agencies to pair smart creative strategies with their emerging media buying strategies.…

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New Members for Blog small New Members in 2014 byNatalie Smith, SoDA We are proud and excited to once again announce the newest additions to SoDA. We have welcomed the 9 companies below to join our already existing roster of accomplished and diverse members. They were carefully selected and reviewed by current members, SoDA’s board of directors and our regional committees and comprise a very small percentage […]
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