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SoDA Roundtable with Big Spaceship

  • Ouverture des Inscriptions: décembre 17, 2015 - janvier 14, 2016
  • Où: Online
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Détails de la manifestation (de l’événement)

Adapt or Die: Top Social Trends Marketers Won’t Be Able to Ignore in 2016

While the speed of social has been dizzying over the last few years – new platforms, behaviors, memes and audiences are born and die every minute – the year ahead promises to be especially frenetic.

When it comes to social and digital marketing, 2016 is going to be an adapt-or-die year, one where marketers will need to evolve as tectonic shifts in the way people use social networks and consume media on them will force massive change. From the rise of ad-blocking and the growing dominance of one-to-one messaging platforms to the need for bespoke paid and influencer strategies,​ per platform – join SoDA member company Big Spaceship as they explore the top social trends you won’t be able to ignore in the year ahead.

When: Jan. 14th, 4pm ET