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SoDA Session San Francisco: Delivering Excellence

  • Registration Open: August 01, 2016 - September 14, 2016
  • Where: San Francisco, CA
  • Register: Registration not available at this time

Event Detail

Wednesday, September 14, 2016 (9-11AM PT)

In partnership with ULTRA Testing, this live SoDA Session will begin with what it takes to deliver excellence on a consistent basis. Industry leaders will share insights on various models and structures implemented to ensure excellence and quality in order to remain ahead of an ever-changing landscape. You will also hear dialogue that centers on the issue of talent. Topics include:

  • What are the roles that are most critical now for ensuring that innovative ideas are brought to fruition in a way that continues to raise the bar on quality in our industry?
  • What are forward-thinking companies doing to find the people and build the teams who will set new standards for the next generation of digital experiences that we build?
  • We’ll explore a new take on talent recruitment and the best methods to identify the skills and traits needed to meet the expectations of excellence shared by leading agencies, top clients and all consumers.