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SoDA Roundtable: Creating Smart Brand Content

  • Registration Open: December 18, 2013 - January 29, 2014
  • Where: Online
  • Register: Registration not available at this time

Event Detail

From Snapchat’s meteoric rise to the explosion of short-form video, social platforms, formats and rules change in the blink of an eye. With so many shifting variables, it’s important to create an approach and process that consistently produces strong, engaging brand content across social platforms.

Join Big Spaceship’s content team as they detail their approach to branded content creation, starting with behavior and purpose, and focusing on social user experience by treating a brand’s social presence like a product.  The team is eager to share its experiences in this arena and to hear other perspectives from SoDA member companies and other industry leaders

A few topics they that will be covered:

– Social UX – using user experience and product design principles to create a more unified social presence through voice iteration and content strategy.

– The Small Bets / Hero Content Approach – doing rapid content experiments, then investing in the best-performing content and turning it into Hero content. (For example, an image that does well gets turned into a short video of the same theme, and could eventually get turned into a TV commercial.)

– Is Real-Time Content Worth It?   Is it worth transforming your social/content practice into a newsroom? What are the pros and cons? What’s the difference between an always-on newsroom approach and a campaign-centric war room approach?

When: Jan. 29th, 1-2pm EST (US – NY time)

Where: Online

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