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SoDA Roundtable - Five Technologies that Are Keeping your Clients’ IT Leaders Awake at Night

  • Registration Open: May 05, 2015 - June 05, 2015
  • Where: Online
  • Register: Registration not available at this time

Event Detail

Information technology is wonderful stuff – if you’re on the receiving end of it and if it’s working the way it’s supposed to. Theoretically, it’s more blessed to give, mostly it’s a matter of Migraine Management – your average IT department’s most important skill. In this session, IT industry guru, Bob Lewis, will discuss what your clients’ IT departments are good at, what they’re being asked to support and how it connects to Marketing, and why what they’re asked to support should be keeping you awake at night. Specifically he’ll dive into the following as it relates to your company’s clients:

  • Cloud computing, big data, social media, multi-platform computing, smart products and the Internet of Things
  • Ultrapersonalization – you can tailor messages to each individual client customer based on what’s going on in their lives right now. And you’ll have to do it without violating the “Don’t Be Creepy” rule.
  • Microtemporal message cycles – know how long a TV ad keeps its freshness? Compared to the messages you send out, TV ads last an epoch.
  • Apologies at scale … The Internet of Things will report when products are going to fail, before they fail and before they should fail. Social media will report when they failed and customer service failed too. You’re responsible for your clients’ messages to their customers. When things go wrong, that means delivering apologies at scale.

When: Friday, June 5th | 12 – 1PM (EDT)

Where: Online (session details will be sent to attendees within 48 hours of session)

Moderator: Since the 1996 launch of his “Survival Guide” column in InfoWorld, Bob Lewis has been an iconoclast in the echo chamber of same-old same old commentary about business and IT strategy, tactics, operations, and leadership. His unique blend of vision, pragmatism and sardonic humor have made him one of the most trusted and independent voices in the field.The award-winning author of eleven books and more than 1,500 columns, Lewis held a wide variety of executive, management and staff positions before becoming a consultant – he did the work before advising about the work. Lewis is a senior management consultant with Dell Digital Business Consulting.

Find more about Bob Lewis at his weekly blog, Keep the Joint Running as well as on his Amazon Author’s page.