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October 2, 2014 0 Comments

How To Have Social Media #Smarts by Jessica Box, IE

Note: This blog entry is available in English only. Brand, marketing and PR manager for IE Agency, Jessica Box, shows how brands can translate their social media tactics into business growth. Does your brand have its advocates dispersed strategically across the social stratosphere? Are you creating content in a meaningful way? Are you actually seeing […]


September 9, 2014 0 Comments

Unconditional Project-Rearing by Brett Thompson, Reactive

Note: This blog entry is available in English only. This year I became a parent for the first time, learning very quickly some of those lessons life waits until now to share. Any parent knows these lessons – namely: The true meaning of spare time. The importance of routine. The value of un-broken sleep. Like […]


September 5, 2014 0 Comments

The Evolution of 4 Iconic Logo Designs by Benjamin Starr, Column Five

Note: This blog entry is available in English only. (This post originally appeared on Visage.) A strong visual language is the best way to establish brand recognition among your audience, and your logo is the foundation of that visual identity. A well-designed logo complements a brand, oftentimes taking on a life of its own and effectively settling into […]


ChrisBuettner_Final for blog post
May 27, 2014 6 Comments

Subscribe to The SoDA Report by Chris Buettner, SoDA

                The first edition of The SoDA Report 2014, our biannual trends publication, has been released – in SlideShare and in the app store! To become a subscriber of The SoDA Report please email SoDA and you will have priority access to the release of upcoming editions, as […]


May 21, 2014 0 Comments

Three Truths on Trends in Organizational Strategy by David Fik, Universal Mind

Note: This blog entry is available in English only. Solomon, King of the early Federation of Israel in 950 bce made the proclamation that there was nothing new under the sun: what has been, will be again. While some may see this statement as a rather skeptical view of the world of innovation and progress, I […]


May 1, 2014 0 Comments

Combining technology and ethnography for the visually impaired by Edouard Plante & Cécile Eymard, Nurun

Note: This blog entry is available in English only.   Cécile Eymard from Nurun’s Montreal office also contributed to this article. Nurun worked on a prototype that combines new technologies with insights from a recent ethnographic sprint. The objective of the overall project was to improve the shopping experience for visually impaired people with the […]


Tom Lafferty for website
April 25, 2014 0 Comments

What No One Is Telling You About Responsive Web Design by Tom Lafferty, Zemoga

Note: This blog entry is available in English only.   “You put water in a cup, it becomes the cup; You put water into a bottle, it becomes the bottle… Be water, my friend.” —Bruce Lee   Back in the 1970s, Master Lee already laid down the basics of what the industry has dubbed responsive […]


Livia for blog
April 15, 2014 1 Comments

How the Digital Fabric Affects Our Behavior by Livia Veneziano, Happy Fun Corp

Note: This blog entry is available in English only. We are all aware of our interactions with devices, whether our phones, computers, cars or TVs. We build a relationship of reliance and expectation with each piece of technology and look to it to respond to us in kind, yielding convenience and knowledge right at our […]


Victor Pineiro
February 6, 2014 0 Comments

What 8th Graders Taught Me About Social Strategy by Victor Pineiro, Big Spaceship

Note: This blog entry is available in English only. I taught some teens about content marketing last week. In return, they showed me the future. My wife’s teaching advertising to her eighth grade classes, and she asked me how she could describe content marketing to them. Realizing that it would take more than five minutes, […]


Amy Lanigan
January 21, 2014 0 Comments

A Letter to the President of Levi’s by Amy Lanigan, Fluid

Note: This blog entry is available in English only. In September, I saw James Curleigh, the EVP and President of Levi’s speak. He opened with a roaring rendition of Bruce Springsteen’s Born in the USA. The song ended with his back to the crowd, his fist in the air and the attention of the crowd on Bruce’s famous pose. […]