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David Maren
March 23, 2015 0 Comments

Agency Websites, Cobbler’s Shoes by David Maren, EffectiveUI

A wise man once said, “Agency website redesigns are the cobbler’s shoes.” That wise man is a co-worker, Ryan Casey, whom I believe was referencing John Heywood’s Proverbes Part i. Chapter xi., published in 1546: “But who is wurs shod, than the shoemakers wyfe, With shops full of newe shapen shoes all hir lyfe?” The […]

SoDA Returns from another Successful Week in Austin by Natalie Smith

SoDA Member Dinner To kick off the week’s festivities, SoDA once again gathered its members, who were in town from all over the world, for a special dinner and party at the SoDA House. This year, attendees were treated to a graffiti-inspired theme with the help of SpraTX and delicious local fare from Frank. Jeff […]

Leslie Bradshaw
February 16, 2015 0 Comments

Advancing Data Literacy by Leslie Bradshaw, Made by Many

Note: This blog entry is available in English only. To deepen the benefits of Big Data, we must put the social sciences and the humanities on equal footing with math and computer science. Outside the typical Big Data tropes—gathering, storing, measuring, parsing, analyzing—I want to argue that contextualizing, storytelling, and visualizing are equally important tools […]

Behind the Scenes with Google: Redesigning for Mobile Optimization by Chris Feltham, Jason Mayes and Cesar Rodriguez , Google

Note: This blog entry is available in English only. After two and a half years uploading hundreds of educational resources and thousands of creative examples, we recognized the need to redesign the Rich Media Gallery, a website for the ad industry that inspires creative innovation and helps agencies produce engaging digital ads. In the process, […]

Nat Headshot_high res for blog post
February 10, 2015 0 Comments

SoDA Announces Latest Members to Join Organization by Natalie Smith, SoDA

We’re very excited to release the results of SoDA’s most recent membership ballots and announce that the following ten companies have joined our roster! Instrument; Portland, OR inTacto; Buenos Aires (HQ), Madrid, Mexico City, Miami Invoke; Vancouver Koombea; Miami (HQ), Barranquilla, Colombia Local Projects; New York Method; New York (HQ), San Francisco, London Neo: San […]

New Member Image for web

Jeff Roach
February 2, 2015 0 Comments

5 Reasons Why 2015 Was a Weird Year for Super Bowl Ads by Jeff Roach, Fuel

As the Big Game landed Sunday and we finally had a chance to see all the ads, we discovered just how strange this year is for Super Bowl advertising. From spots aired in only one city, to a crowdsourced ad featuring 37 brands, to a slew of tech brands…2015 shaped up to be an interesting, call it weird, year in […]

Rei Inamoto
December 23, 2014 0 Comments

Made for Mobile by Rei Inamoto, CCO & Vice President, AKQA

Note: This blog entry is available in English only. Some marketers are finally embracing a “mobile-first” ethos as they hurry to catch up with consumers. But with consumer behaviors and technologies evolving so quickly, it can be difficult to determine what mobile even means, much less how to make the most of it. Luckily, there are […]

December 21, 2014 0 Comments

3 Shining Examples of How Great PR Can Conquer All by Megan Brenig, LaneTerralever

Note: This blog entry is available in English only. Recovering after a media or brand crisis can be a make it or break it moment. Some businesses handle crisis well, some take precautions and learn from previous mistakes, and some will freeze and fail. Recovery potential and duration vary based on several different factors: the scale […]

December 17, 2014 0 Comments

2015 Digital Outlook Survey by Lakai Newman, SoDA

Note: This blog entry is available in English only. SoDA’s annual Digital Outlook Survey for 2015-2016 is now available! This short survey should take only a few moments of your time and will gauge your perspective on the future of marketing and digital experiences, as well as your projections for 2015-2016. In return for your participation, you’ll receive […]

December 15, 2014 0 Comments

Defining The MVP: What Clients Need To Know by Ari Weissman, EffectiveUI

Note: This blog entry is available in English only. Let’s talk about MVPs. No, we’re not talking about the most valuable player. In design, when we talk about the MVP we mean the “Minimum Viable Product.” The MVP is the smallest, fastest, easiest way to create your desired product in order to create a proof […]