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Bluecadet at Adobe Creative Jam Philadelphia

by SoDA Communications / March 30, 2018

Bluecadet had an impressive showing at the Adobe Creative Jam in Philadelphia on March 14th. More than one hundred local designers and creative leaders participated in the UX-focused event, including members of Bluecadet’s design team.

As experience designers Laura Sutphen and Katie Savage co-presented a twenty-minute talk about their creative methodologies to a packed house, interactive designers Sam Winfield and Devon Burgoyne paired up and jammed in the three-hour design charrette showdown.

The design showdown kicked off with Adobe revealing the Jam’s creative prompt to the participants — “#1.” Pairs of designers from different agencies spent the following three hours using Adobe XD (Adobe Experience Design) to interpret and visually respond to the open-ended assignment. Teams submitted their finished designs which were voted upon by a panel of judges and peers. Team Bluecadet created an experience-driven prioritizing task manager app that asks the user: “What’s step #1 on your list” and encourages you to put yourself first and be your own #1 priority.

Devon and Sam both left the event with a completed mobile-friendly prototype and a refreshed perspective on the design process. When asked about the Jam, Sam said: “The process was a lot of fun. Working at that pace with a hard deliverable was, honestly, a great creative refresher. Because of the time constraint, we had to challenge ourselves to prevent hesitation from becoming roadblocks. I was really happy with the final prototype.” Devon agreed, saying: “It made me want to do more rapid-prototyping sprints and sketches; and, to just let stray ideas turn into something without always having to make it a complete project. It was a good shake-up of the design process I’m used to.” Both are looking forward to the next Creative Jam.

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