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The planning and development of the 2nd Annual SoDA Academy is well underway!

by SoDA Communications / June 6, 2016

The planning and development of the 2nd Annual SoDA Academy—the transformative and immersive, invitation-only learning conference for director-level members of the digital agency community—is well underway.

A year ago, The SoDA Academy was created in response to member feedback decrying the paucity of professional education opportunities for digital leaders. When the Academy launched, we stressed that it would be a living entity, one that would develop and evolve based on the input and guidance of SoDA members.  So we very much encourage your involvement with this year’s event—your feedback and active participation. If you would like to be involved with this year’s Academy or would like to simply offer your thoughts and insights, please contact me at

The 2016 SoDA Academy will bring together a diverse group of leaders with expertise in one of eleven disciplines for two days of truly unique peer-to-peer learning. The structure and format of this year’s Academy will take the collaborative approach started last year and expand on it, utilizing a range of new methods and tools designed to genuinely maximize the value of the Academy for every delegate in attendance.

We will keep you continually updated and informed in this space as this year’s Academy takes shape. While retaining the overall format from last year’s inaugural event, the 2016 Academy will offer new tracks on Day 1 as well as additional selections on Day 2.

Day 1 tracks will again offer an intensive learning environment for directors within specific and focused subject matter tracks, offering a secure setting for open and honest conversations around pressing agency challenges and emerging opportunities.

On Day 2, as in 2015 the Academy will offer several interdisciplinary sessions—featuring a broad range of cross-divisional selections addressing many of the different ways that practice areas within agencies intersect. In addition, this year’s Academy will also offer a selection of intensive Master Classes within specific disciplines, taking the intensive learnings from Day 1 even further, providing participants with an unmatched collaborative educational experience with their peers.

Also new this year, registered attendees will be surveyed prior to the Academy to better gauge the issues and questions that are most important to them, so that each track may be more precisely calibrated to better address those needs and deliver usable, ongoing takeaways.

What will decidedly not change this year are the twin pillars of transparency and radical collaboration that define and differentiate The SoDA Academy, which in 2016 will once again bring you unparalleled learning, connection and inspiration. We look forward to hearing from you as we build this year’s event!

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