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SoDA Session Los Angeles Recap

by Lakai Newman, SoDA / October 10, 2014

Note: This blog entry is available in English only.

Digital and entertainment executives endured notorious Los Angeles traffic to join the latest SoDA Session: “What’s Next at the Intersection of Digital & Entertainment.” The Session featured four future-gazing presentations that explored new technologies, forms of storytelling and forms of engagement that aim to revolutionize the entertainment industry in years to come.

Jim McArthur, Managing Director of BoM Labs (Digitaria) opened the Session by taking attendees through the five waves of technology up to the present time and a look ahead into the sixth: Augmented and Virtual Reality. He discussed how these two innovations are pushing us toward a new future and how they’re being weaved into our everyday lives. Coupled with his presentation was a live demonstration of Oculus Rift for all attendees to experience.

AR Sketch














Dave Devisser, Principal Architect at Adobe presented on the customer landscape and its impact on the entertainment industry. He explored how something as seemingly inconsequential as a franchise-fan’s tweet can garner similar exposure to that of the feature’s Director, and the transformative impact this is wielding on the content creation process. He discussed what’s capable now — and what’s next — when it comes to listening to viewers and fans, and ways of engaging with them on any display surface.

AR sketch 2

















Following suit, Jeff Roach, Chief Strategy Officer and ECD of Fuel, continued the conversation of Augmented and Virtual Reality and its relationship with the gaming industry. He discussed how global brands such as McDonalds and Dreamworks are shifting their attention to this growing trend and included a few examples and anti-examples of how to approach this shift in order to achieve success.

ar sketch 3














Will Keenan, President of Endemol Beyond (USA) closed the Session by candidly discussing some of the digital voids left by entertainment conglomerates which have given rise to independent multi-channel networks. From both personal and industry examples, Will concluded his presentation by explaining how the viewer is now considered the studio boss and is largely responsible for the future of creative content — bridging the gap between TV and digital — creating global content across multi-platforms.

ar sketch 4


















SoDA Session LA: “What’s Next at the Intersection of Digital & Entertainment” was hosted by Mack Sennett Studios and featured a complimentary happy hour provided by Premiere Events LA. On-Demand audio for each presentation will be available soon. We’d also like to thank Van Jazmin (@VanJazmin) for creating the sketches.





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