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SoDA Session Barcelona: “Global Perspectives on What’s Next”

by Lakai Newman, SoDA / August 14, 2014

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Barcelona locals and SoDA members from around the world converged at the esteemed Mobile World Centre to kick off the Global Member Meeting week and participate in the SoDA Session: “Global Perspectives on What’s Next.” SoDA’s Executive Director, Chris Buettner, opened the Session which featured two interactive panel discussions that explored the impact of the Internet of Things (IoT) on traditional business models and the future of design trends and the creative process.

The first panel included moderator Darren David, Founder & CEO of Stimulant; Enric Godes, Partner at Vasava; Matt Griswold, Managing Partner at SOAP Creative; and Troy Lachance, Principal & Design Director at Bluecadet. Together, they explored how some of the world’s most innovative people are capturing and relating the human experience, and how that process is likely to change in the near future. They discussed looking at design as a reflection of play, current tool limitations within the design industry, and how design is – and will continue to be – increasingly influenced by technology.

The second panel included Stuart Eccles, Founding Partner of Made By Many; Eric Mayville, Creative Director at Wondersauce; Oscar Murillo, Sr. UX Designer at Microsoft; and Andrew Howlett, Chief Digital Officer at Rain. They candidly debated what the role of agencies and other digital shops should be when it comes to infusing forward-thinking product innovation into connected experiences. They spoke of User Experience as a crucial skill for IoT prototyping and how new kinds of collaboration between important industries are developing.

The SoDA Session was streamed live and left attendees and viewers from around the globe with thought-provoking nuggets of information and a peek into some of the industry’s future trends. On-demand video available below.





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