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SoDA Session Cannes: From Advertising to Product Creation

by Lakai Newman, SoDA / June 19, 2014

Cannes Blog Post

Top digital agency minds came together to discuss innovation today at a SoDA Session hosted by Microsoft at the Cannes Advertising Festival. Tony Quin, Founder and Board Chair of SoDA, kicked off the Session which focused on how agencies are tackling digital product and service innovation along with their more routine advertising and marketing duties. The panel included moderator Shane Ginsberg, President of EVB; Rick Barraza, focusing on design Strategy, quality experience and design at Microsoft; Donald Chestnut, Chief Experience Officer of SapientNitro; and Adrian Belina, Founder of Jam3. Together, they discussed the challenges of merging the short-term, fast turn-around agency culture with the very different dynamics of developing products designed to last over time. All agreed that while brands are demanding new ways to connect with consumers, questions of IP ownership, ensuing operations management, and how to assign resources are on-going challenges.

The panel concluded that the opportunities for agencies to lead clients into new opportunities driven by digital product and service innovation are still huge, and agencies are perfectly positioned to answer the challenge of developing the creative and technology innovations that brands need.




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