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Generate Conference London Jets to New York on June 20, 2014

by Sean MacPhedran, Fuel / June 3, 2014

With so many digital conferences vying for attention, it’s hard to pick and choose the best to visit, so we’re lucky that after last years success in London, Generate Conference is coming to New York for the first time courtesy of net magazine and Creative Bloq.

Intended for intermediate to senior-level experts in Design, UX and Development (and your whippersnappers who promise to become your next rock stars), the inaugural Generate NY takes place at New World Stages on June 20, 2014.

Covering CSS, Content strategy, UX skills, Responsive Web Design, Big Data and other topics inquiring minds need to know, the event is nicely focused on the best practices of getting sh*t done, rather than peering into the looking glass, and two concurrent tracks allow you to pick and choose without much hassle. One of the most innovative things the conference does is provide a forum for 5 minute one-on-ones with speakers, which removes the need for the “end-of-talk-quick-run-and-get-a-card” jostling that happens at a lot of conferences.

The keynotes reflect the tone of the conference, with Ethan Marcotte and Dave Shea book-ending a full-slate of hand picked speakers who are experts in their fields.

Best of all, there’s no shortage of networking parties. Two at one conference is a pretty good deal for those who are as keen on sharing ideas as hearing them. Media Temple will be hosting a casual drinks at Houndstooth the night prior, and and the after party will allow everyone to invent new projects after inspiration over drinks, as those in our industry are wont to do.

You can buy learn more about the speakers, conference and buy tickets at: and if you’re having trouble convincing your boss, they’ve provided a handy summary that you can print at large format and paste all over the office walls:






The conference features Ian Coyle, Creative Director at SoDA member agency Huge/KingCoyle, a Portland-based innovation lab focused on design, culture and craft.  Additionally, SoDA members from Reactive will lead a roundtable discussion during the conference. 




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