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Final Voting Push for SoDA’s 2014 SXSW Panel Submissions

by Natalie Smith, SoDA / August 30, 2013

As part of SoDA’s Speakers Bureau Initiative, a program that helps identify and orchestrate speaking engagements, SoDA helped orchestrate the 7 Panel Picker submission ideas below for SXSW Interactive 2014. Thank you to everyone who voted and stay tuned for the results!

A Eulogy for the Web: 4 Grizzled Veterans 

We’ve not come to bury the web, but to praise it. As the web turns 21 this year and is now of legal age, this panel will reflect on its origins with a panel of four agency veterans who have seen it, been it and done it.

Agencies Can’t Innovate… Can They?

Despite being surrounded by great idea people and the means to build stuff, almost all agencies struggle with how to incubate strong ideas and bring them to market. Moderated by Mark Silva from RYSE, this SoDA member panel will explore different models for agency incubation.

Fueling Social Movements via Social

This session will offer divergent views around the use of social media to fuel social movements in 2 major markets (US & Brazil), countries that have both experienced rapidly emerging forms of activism in recent years.

Grow: Cultivate a Healthy & Hearty Workplace

In order to grow an organic and flourishing creative workforce, there are things to take into account.  Panelists will provide specific experiences and successful examples that have led to healthy and hearty workplaces, for their companies and others, and open up the panel to specific questions.

Bank on Mobile

Invisible customers need tangible experiences. Bank on Mobile will address how building relationships with customers you’ll never see is revolutionizing the banking world.

Mobile as a Product, Not a Website

Companies are using technology to build products and deliver services, yet how do you determine if products should be mobile-accessible or even mobile-only?

Thought leaders on this panel dialogue and debate the future of mobile and product integration from a variety of perspectives.

Reinventing the Hackathon

This panel seeks to showcase the experiences of businesses that regularly use hackathons effectively. The thinker-maker movement has pushed the hackathon further than the boundaries of software development, into artistic expression and product development. Learn from creative organizations that have successfully pushed the boundaries to nurture cultures and revenue.




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