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SheSays Launches a Widget

by Lior Vexler, SoDA / April 16, 2013

Note: This blog entry is available in English only.

SheSays, a long-time SoDA partner and friend, is an award-winning organization running free mentorship and events to women in the creative and marketing businesses.

Recently they launched a open-source tool (widget) for individuals and organizations to find great women in their fields. The widget supports several  fields such as: entrepreneurs, DJ’s, conference speakers for the creative and marketing industries, programmers and creative awards judges. While they’ve launched the widget with a relatively small number of fields, they expect to expand to many more disciplines in the near future.

So how can you help? Two ways:

1. Help promote the widget by embedding it on your blog, tumblr or wherever. Just click on ‘add this to my blog’ link to get the embed code.

2. After you played with it, please use the comment box to suggest someone and we’ll check them out and hopefully add to the main list.

If you would like to participate you can find the widget here




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