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Announcing SoDA IP Defense Insurance Product

by Chris Buettner, SoDA / March 18, 2013

In an effort to mitigate the crippling effect that patent litigation has had on the industry, SoDA – the leading voice of the digital agency and production company community – has partnered with IPISC to offer intellectual property (IP) coverage tailored specifically to its member companies. The insurance is written through IPISC, the pioneer and worldwide leader in the area of intellectual property insurance.

SoDA takes the concerns of our members very seriously, especially when it comes to defending themselves against baseless lawsuits. Patent litigation has had a major disruptive impact on the industry in the past few years, causing business and financial strife to clients, major technology firms, agencies and production companies – which is what prompted SoDA to partner with IPISC. We are hopeful that this specialized IP insurance product will have an extremely positive impact on our industry, and we look forward to extending it to even more areas of digital work product in the future.

IPISC, the industry leader in Intellectual Property Insurance, has been in the business of managing risk and protecting the value of policy holder’s IP assets for over 22 years.  The company has developed products and services that use advanced strategies to become market leaders in the dynamic field of IP insurance.  IPISC is committed to providing its clients with top-notch underwriting and client services.

The IP Defense Insurance product covers IP infringement lawsuits brought against a member agency’s services, products, and/or processes, as they relate to website, mobile site, and mobile app development. Cognizant of the fact that website, mobile app and mobile site development are only a small fraction of what SoDA’s member companies do, the organization will also be working with IPISC to offer additional IP insurance products for other types of digital work product.




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