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Let’s Make Magic!

by Claudio Lombardo, Encident / August 28, 2012

Note: This blog entry is available in English only.

For some time now, we have been convinced that in the digital marketing space WHAT matters more than HOW, that our industry no longer distinguishes between the physical and the digital, and that at the end of the day, it is the content of the experience we’re creating – more so than the technology powering that experience – that will make a lasting impression on end consumers.

Countless times in agency-client meetings we’ve heard the recurring directive:  “We need something that will rise above all of the noise in the market” and “Create something truly magical for us!”   With that edict constantly in the back of our minds, we had an idea, “Why not hire a magician?”

So we did.

Our finance manager cringed at the idea, as did the rest of the team.  Once we gathered everyone together, it took only five minutes for us to convince them that this seemingly ridiculous proposal was just what we needed.

After conducting what was arguably our most interesting and entertaining talent search to date, we hired Daniel, one of the best magicians in Latin America.  He started immediately, becoming an integral part of our Digital Production team.

From his first week on the job, it was clear that he was adding a tremendous amount of value.  So what exactly did he do?

Daniel showed us a new way to understand an execution, from the logic needed to surprise the consumer, to the way you actually execute it.  As we develop new experiences, we’ve found it extremely beneficial to go beyond the execution to understand what we call the “language of illusion.”  In other words, what can we say or do to make something more credible, impactful and “real” for the consumers we are trying to reach?  In the world of magic, illusions are part and parcel of the craft.  Similarly, in the realm of digital marketing, well-conceived illusions – ones that tie to the brand story and to a unique, driving idea – can not only surprise consumers but also bring a digital or physical experience to life for them.

Digital marketing is constantly evolving as technology advances and new interactive platforms are developed.  However, the manner in which individuals are surprised and touched emotionally remains the same.  The tried and true best practices for capturing people’s attention as well as distracting and surprising them are the same now as they were decades ago.

With increasing regularity, marketers are connecting the dots, creating integrated experiences with multiple consumer touch points across both the digital and physical realms.  However, many of these initiatives are devoid of any creativity or “magic” whatsoever.

Magic moves people – without distinction as to age, gender or location.  So, I’d encourage you to ask yourself, “How can I infuse more magic into the brand experiences I’m creating?”  Asking ourselves that same question has prompted us to embark on a transformative journey.


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