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SoDA Membership Grows Globally

by SoDA Communications / July 10, 2012

Note: This blog entry is available in English only.

Over the past six months, SoDA has expanded its membership to include the addition of eight influential and award-winning digital companies from across the globe.  Each new member was highly evaluated by SoDA’s Regional Membership Committees and then further assessed and voted upon by SoDA’s full membership.

The new class of SoDA members includes:

D3; Sao Paulo

Deepend; Sydney, Melbourne, New York, Rome

Huge; New York, Los Angeles, Portland, San Francisco, London, Rio de Janeiro

Jam3; Toronto

JESS3; Los Angeles, Oklahoma City

Less Rain; London

Red Keds Creative Agency; Moscow

Society 46; Stockholm, London

Chris Buettner, SoDA Director of Operations, had this to say about the new members, “We are thrilled to welcome these companies into the prestigious ranks of SoDA membership.  Their diversity – both in terms of geographic location and areas of specialization – is reflective of our organization as a whole.”

SoDA boasts a membership of 60+ members and continues to be the global society for digital marketing innovators consisting of the top digital agencies and elite production companies in the industry today.




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