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Pulling the Trigger to Purchase: Insights on Marketing to Avid Gamers

by Ivan Todorov / September 21, 2010

Note: This blog entry is available in English only.

What influences avid gamers to pull the trigger to purchase? BLITZ commissioned a study covering traditional, digital, mobile and social media, and provides deep insights into marketing to the avid gamer demographic. Video games are no longer child’s play, dedicated to pimple-faced adolescents.

Both online and offline advertising consistently fall short, which may be limiting video game sales or at least slowing growth within this expansive vertical. With marketing spending increasing exponentially, and more diverse audience segments joining the ranks, it is imperative that marketers tailor their efforts to reflect the psychographics of those who seemingly have the strongest influence within the gaming community: the avid gamer. After performing a quantitative and qualitative study of this highly influential demographic, we believe that much of this spend is misdirected. Accordingly, we have identified a set of 5 influential diagnostic principles to help advertisers and CMOs establish a successful marketing strategy.


The goal of the study was to understand what influences the purchase decisions of “avid gamers;” those who play video games a minimum of seven hours per week on either consoles (e.g. Xbox, PS3, etc.) or portable game devices (e.g. PSP, Nintendo DS, etc.) BLITZ commissioned Mintel to conduct a study of avid gamers, with a sample size of 1,000 respondents. BLITZ supplemented the findings with Compete.com data, focus groups and qualitative research to determine how marketing professionals could leverage the results.





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